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Bomb The Music Industry!


Listening to their Vacation (2011) album kinda reminds me of Weezer and Kemuri, with a touch of The Strokes (pardon me for not giving you links to those great bands, go search yourself will ya?). Yet the lyrics are all AMAZING, I repeat, A-MA-ZING !!! It’s funny but not stupid, and it didn’t sound they’re trying too hard, and successfully made me smile, felt connected and wanted more!

The 2011 Vacation album starts with the song “Campaign for A Better Weekend”  which tells us about a guy who decided to get out the house on his newly-fixed bicycle. But then turns out his decision was wrong. Because then he got hit by a car. In the end of the song, he said, “I can’t shrug off the awesome weather but I can surely dress my wounds. It felt just like a vacation but still we complained until we all felt jaded and started to hate it.” The next song is “Vocal Coach” which is about boredom (I guess). The vocal tunes in this song sounds awesome, cheerful, and flawless.

And there’s “Everybody That You Love” with its lyric “all the people I love the best, are starting to get frustrated with my being a mess..” which describes the message they’re trying to deliver. That they are funny guys, but are easily bored and there were times when they’re disappointing their friends and families. Well, aren’t we all?

Next song is “The Shit That You Hate.” A critic for anyone who complains too much about life. The message? Figure this out: “so hold onto your home  and onto your hope, sorrow don’t answer problems, nobody cares, we’re all in trouble, the shit that you hate don’t make you special..”

Then comes my favorite song in this album: “Hurricane Waves.” A story about PROCRASTINATING! Ha! Awesome, great job describing it, guys! “I can wait till tomorrow to pay my rent and start to grow up..”

There are still few more songs left but I have to go home now. All I can say is that this is one of the most valuable discovery of all time. No I didn’t exaggerate this! If you don’t believe me, try listening to their album and experience my admiration!

* * *


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Glee, Not Geek

When I first watched Glee, I fell in love instantly. It was so full of inspiration, funny, and fresh, especially after your TV has been hijacked by so many reality series, one after another. Also at first, I never have any particular hatred towards Kurt Hummel (the gay character, played brilliantly by actor Chris Colfer), until, there was Blaine. His gay partner. Then I began to have doubts on whether this series is suitable for teens. I’m not against gay or whatever, but I’m not crazy about it either. This is one problem that I left myself undecided on how to respond.

It’s even more terrifying than The Walking Dead, and even more depressing compared to Grey’s Anatomy. Since I myself had been the kind of person who grew up by being heavily influenced by television, I have this huge fear of Glee, for have spreading the wrong message to teenagers all around the world. In my narrow-minded opinion, of course.

I use to have goosebumps and couldn’t get enough of Glee’s videos such as Imagine, One, or Marry You. I thought of those episodes as highly inspiring. But it’s a sad, sad, thing they can’t keep it that way. This video below proved their identity loss.

It even gave me a different kind of goosebumps. I felt sick watching Blaine dancing. I didn’t see the nerdy, clumsy, Rachel, anymore, since Glee has made her a very popular girl on the red carpet. I just feel that she’s too pretty to be Rachel now. In fact, no one in Glee is a geek anymore!!

It’s no longer a TV series that I’m going to wait anxiously for, and I feel sad for teenagers today for not having a great idol that they can look up to. Back in the 90s when I was growing up, we use to have so many great music and it was very diverse, from Mc Hammer to Metallica, from Whitney Houston to Nirvana. But today, there are only a few with solid characters and identity.

So instead of watching Glee, and learned nothing about life, we might as well simplify our lives and enjoy music like we used to, by jumping around the house and banged our heads. With these 8 crazy people that just celebrated their 10th anniversary. They’re adorable aren’t they? It’s hard not to fall in love with them.

I know I did.

* * *

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Hands Down

When you write a song from the heart, you will touch many hearts. So is Dashboard Confessional’s “Hands Down” written by the band’s lead vocalist Chris Carrabba, which was more a memoir of one of his best date during his early 20s. Even Wikipedia has a page about the song. The lyric is lovely, honest and I must say one of the most romantic song ever.

One of the best part of the song which always makes me smile:

The words are hushed lets not get busted, just lay entwined here, undiscovered..
Safe in here from all the stupid questions, “hey did you get some?”
Man, that is so dumb..
Stay quiet, stay near, stay close, so they can’t hear.
so we can get some..

Go see the lyric yourself.

* * *

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A Bigger Heart


Successfully made your heart shrinks, right?

Not an expert in psychology, but I’m pretty sure that the first normal reaction for most people when they received critics, are, denial.

Me, too.

At the beginning of the last month of the year 2011, where everyone starts counting down to 2012, and plan their new-year resolution (or reviewing the one they made last year), I was forced to accept the bitter fact to put “Be punctual!!” in my next year’s resolution. Why? Well, I just received an e-mail from my boss asking me about my horrible punctuality status.

Like anyone else, my first reaction was, “O, shit.. It matters now..?!” which was followed by a quest for several excuses (with no result), moved to plan-B: beg for forgiveness, and plan-C: deal with it.

Surrendered to the reality that it was myself who caused this mess, I refuse to call it a bad luck. A bad luck is something unpredictable, mostly happened even when you already tried to avoid it. But this disobedience issue between me and “arriving on time to work” is not unpredictable. It’s me, and my awful habit, period. It’s something I need to accept as a warning, and the only solution is to admit my mistakes.

So I replied my nice boss, saying “Thank you for your forewarning, I have no reason whatsoever for my lateness. I do live 18 KM from office, and got caught in traffic often, but it is not an excuse for me being late. I admit that I have not paid attention to punctuality issues, and I will bear the consequences for being disobedient.”

Sent, and .. pheeeewwww….. that was relieving.. sort of.

Then, he replied, “Febri, thank you for your attention and explanation. We look forward to your improvement on this matter. Thanks for your understanding.”

* * *

Critics made your heart shrinks, but accepting them and realizing your mistakes in order to change into a better person proved that you have a big heart. Bigger and stronger than before.

And for that, I certainly will put “waking up earlier in order to arrive on time at work” as one of my goal next year. It’s no longer something that I kept saying, planned to do, but never actually committed to.

* * *

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20s No Longer

Everyone used to knew me as careless. I was never the one to hold any responsibilities because I tend to do things my own way. I didn’t have any plan for my life, just rolled with whatever was in front of me, joined a band, leave another, postponed my college and thesis for years, and before I realize it, I was already 25 years old.

It was my boyfriend who reminded me to start being responsible with life. It took me a couple of months to drag myself to college, complete my thesis, and eventually after eight miserable years of “not knowing the end of my college life,” I graduated and received my diploma degree.

It felt good, for once in my life I felt pretty satisfied with myself.

Life seems to be kind to me afterwards. I then managed to get a job, got married, have a child, and were more responsible than I was before. I guess it was true what they said, that sometimes responsibilities can’t be forced upon someone, unless they are facing a life-threatening situation.

Although in my case, it wasn’t life threatening but more “relationship-threatening” because my boyfriend (now hubby) was ready to took our relationship to a new level, but was rejected by my father due to the fact that I haven’t finished college.

Anyway, I was talking about more responsibilities that came to me after that graduation day.

When you accept a job offer, you are responsible for the tasks and must follow your company procedures. When you got married, you are responsible to take care of your husband, and maintain a good communication to one another. When you brought a little child to this world, you have parenting responsibilities that involves almost every detail aspects of life: your financial stability, and of course, mental insanity.

And right now. I am facing a new responsibility as me and my hubby have agreed to apply for a house loan. To be honest, the whole process of finding the right house, negotiating for the best price, applying to banks, and waiting for the result, really felt exhausting. It makes me anxious, even worse compared to the anxiety I felt prior to getting married or delivering a child. Because this is something that gave me a HUGE responsibility for 15 years!

The thought of me and my hubby, having to be employed for 15 years, in order to be able to pay our monthly mortgage, makes my brain explodes. It gives me cold feet, and though I still haven’t figured out what the result of this loan is, I know that my mind is preparing itself for a new, bigger, tougher responsibility. I do know that I have my husband to go through this journey together, but I still feel dizzy nonetheless.

But nothing happens without a reason. One thing I learn, being an adult is not about carrying the number “3” in front of your age. It’s about having the courage (and the conscience) to make life moving forward. Anyone can jump into adultery (have a job, got married, have kids) anytime, but not everyone is ready to take the burden. I can only hope that I’m among those who are patience, prepared, and can still enjoy life, whatever obstacles I may have to deal with in the future.

Wish me luck?

* * *



[PHOTO] Batu Vacation

Family gathering with people from work. This is an event we do every year, and for this year we are enjoying the new recreational park in Batu, Malang: “Jawa Timur Park 2.” Located in the hills, we are staying at Pohon Inn hotel, and made a visit to Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and of course “Batu Night Spectacular” ..

Pohon Inn Hotel, Jatim Park 2, East Java

Animal Museum

Inside The Museum

Batu Secret Zoo - Jatim Park 2

Animals Parade - 1

Animals Parade - 2

Batu Night Spectacular

More of these pictures are available on My Flickr page. Please do not copy without permission.

* * *

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I’m an INFP Person..

Tests, are always attractive. After taking a brain test (and made a blog about it here), today I took the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test, which basically highlighted my most-apparent personality, and my daily habit in terms of punctuality, flexibility, and control. Not just focusing on the career vision, but also on how we interpret ourselves in a society, and relationship with others.

1) Part 1, “Are You an Introvert (I) or Extrovert (E)?”

My result shows that I tend to be an Introvert (I), but, not in a significant amount of percentage. This means that in certain occasions I prefer to “seal” myself off from other people, but among others whom are closely related to, I can open myself and share stories like a normal person.

2) Part 2, “Clear Facts (S), or Intuition (N)?”

My percentage obviously went to the Intuition (N) direction. According to the test result, I’m not the kind of person who will enjoy doing things with clear, organized facts. I prefer to rely on my intuition, looking for potential changes, because I’m  interested on the unknown. 

3) Part 3, “When solving problems, are you Objective (T), or Subjective (F)?”

An objective person will try to solve a problem by focusing on the other person in front of them, or looking at a problem from the outside. But me, who is a Subjective/Feeling (F) type of person, will jump into the problem, put myself in the middle of it, and feel what other person feels, then, try to solve the problem without hurting anyone. Such an angel indeed! This explains why I love to treat everyone for a fancy dinner! Even if it cost me a lot of money.

4) Part 4, “Structured (J), or just Go With The Flow (P)?”

If you see my house, and my working desk with stack of papers from last week, and my refrigerator, and my closet.. You will definitely see that I am NOT  a structured person. And this test knows! For almost everything in my life that I have less interest in, I will deal with it when my mind thinks it’s time to deal with it. Yes, I don’t need a test to realize that I’m a “go with the flow (P)” type of person, but thanks for reminding me, anyway.

So, according to this test, I have INFP personality: An idealist introvert who prefer to learn the unknown, jump into a problem and focus on the feelings of others, and avoid detailed-structured instructions. I’m an angel to anyone who never instructed me to do anything!

Princess Diana was an INFP person, also Richard Gere and Willian Shakespeare. When making decisions, INFP people often give more weight to social implications than to logic

So if I’m a person who adores feelings, and ethics, and always ran out of money, should I care about it or should I enjoy myself and try to be ultimately happy? Yes, right!

One thing that caught my attention is how I’ve become an introvert. And somehow, looking back on how I was heavily attached to the internet, I think this might have something to do with it. You find a place to share all your shit, perfectly safe from judgment and norms, so you shut yourself away from the real people. Does this mean I have to detach myself?


* * *

test yourself here!

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