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Anti Social

You know why I enjoy Twitter (and blogging) more than Facebook? It’s because I can be myself, express my thoughts, and meet people I don’t know in real life (well, mostly), hence I can ignore whatever their judgments are, about me.


I have more than 500 friends on Facebook. Some of them are friends from school, from the university, others are my relatives (sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, etc), the rest are online shops, clothing or baby stores. I don’t tell everyone that I have a Twitter account, because I don’t want them to see the “other side” of me. Sadly, I can’t explain what that other side means because I don’t know what it is and why I keep it as a secret.

As a response to my friend @nrg07 who wrote a blog about Twitter yesterday, I told her that I look way cooler on Twitter, compared to the real me in reality, but somehow I have to hide this truth from everyone. She laughed and wanted to meet me instead.

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been doing my best to avoid social contacts. Especially with people I never met before, a.k.a my friends from the internet. I have this terrifying imagination about awkward moments that will happen in a coffee shop somewhere, where me and the person I meet, will be uncomfortably looking at our phone, wishing it will ring and took us the hell out of that situation.

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It’s weird, I know, but I keep having that imagination in my mind whenever I get invitation to meet someone.

Could it be I have a problem with my self image? Not satisfied with how I look today, and thus avoid those heart-breaking, nerve-racking questions, such as, “How come you didn’t look fat on the internet?


I do gain a few kilograms lately, and my eyes have visible dark circles around it. These are the realities which I NEVER expose on the internet. Until now.

So, I guess I have to face these fears and see whether my horrible imagination shall come true or not. Will I survive the annoying questions, or will I end up checking out Twitter through my BlackBerry to avoid eye contacts?

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As I entered motherhood, I never realize that “envious, insecure, dictating mommies” are pretty damn annoying. They’re all over you and they give negative comments about your parenting style.

They have all these questions, such as.. Why are you still working? How can you trust your baby to a nanny? Why aren’t you breastfeeding? Why are you using formula brand A, instead of B, I heard that C is the best but it’s also the most expensive. Why are you giving your baby MMR vaccine, it can cause autism. Why aren’t you exercising to make your body return to its normal shape? Why didn’t you enroll your child to a baby class, it’s good for his socialization skills? Why isn’t your baby walking? Why isn’t your baby talking? Why is your baby always crying?

How can you let your child watch TV? Why aren’t you reading him books and buy him educational toys? Why do you take your baby to the mall, instead take him to the zoo, the parks!

I’m a mother to a 2,5 year-old toddler son who talks, sing, and dance together with her child everyday, in-front-of-the-TV. We read books together but only if my son wants to. We go to the mall, almost every weekend and we have visited the zoo perhaps once or twice. I’m a working mom, who left her son at home with our nanny, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. But I don’t hate stay-at-home moms, nor praise them whatsoever, UNLESS they are insulting other moms who choose to work. My 2,5 year-old toddler son is not going (and never been enrolled) to any school and I still haven’t decide whether he’s going to join a preschool or take music and art courses instead, later, when he’s 3. Or 4, I have no idea, I will have to ask him first.

I don’t have a clear idea of what my parenting skill is, all I know is that everytime I come home at the afternoon, my son told my everything he did with our nanny that day, and he eagerly showed me the new things he had learn. Then we play, and play, and play, and talk, and sing, and sleep, together. He’s a happy child and it’s easier for me to teach him about new things, now that we can have a mom-and-son conversation regularly.

It is also the same case with people at the social network and technology scene. First, we have Friendster, then we move to Facebook, and then Twitter, and we create a Google+ account, and forgetting it, and returned to Twitter. Why is it that people who find themselves enjoying Twitter or G+ ended up insulting Facebook? And what the hell is up with people hating the BlackBerry? If you’re enjoying your iPhone or Android phones/gadgets, why can’t you just enjoy yourself and shut up? Why do you have to insult the innocent BlackBerry (and its users)? Do you think that it will make you look cool?

Talking about living in the land of hate. And they call themselves as the people who are supporting diversity. But at the same time they are giving examples to their children about how to hate other people who choose something else different.

There are things in life that we don’t like, but does it mean we have to insult other people’s choices? We are all the same, we’re all human beings trying to make our dreams come true. And we are reaching towards that dream according to what we think will be good for us, which is -obviously- isn’t always the same compared to others. That’s why we have what I called “autonomy.” The freedom to choose whatever works best for us.

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Nggak Semua Yang Ngetrend Itu Bagus, Dan Nggak Semua Yang Bagus Bisa Jadi Trend

Life, And Social Media Trends

Inilah Indonesia. Dengan perkembangan teknologi yang makin pesat, dalam sekejap informasi apapun bisa langsung diketahui. Sebagai negara pemasok status twitter terbesar ketiga setelah Amerika dan Brazil, Indonesia menyumbang sekitar 15% dari total status twitter sedunia. Ini salah satu sebab mengapa trending topic seringkali berasal dari Indonesia.

Sayangnya, belum terlihat sisi positif dari kemajuan teknologi tersebut untuk kehidupan sehari-hari. Seringkali kita-yang-latah-ini mengambil suatu trend tanpa menyelami dahulu esensinya. Tanggal 1 April kemarin, saya mendapat pesan berantai di BlackBerry bahwa Iwan Fals meninggal dunia. Ketika bertanya kebenaran berita tersebut kepada pengirim pesan, dia menjawab “Gue ngga tau, cuman forward doang..”

Saya jadi melongo, dan setelah memaki-maki dia, ternyata itu April Mop.

Kasus lain yang juga bikin saya melongo adalah betapa cerita tentang Malinda Dee dan Briptu Norman sangat dibesar-besarkan melampaui batas wajar. Lebih menjijikkan lagi, baik pesan ataupun gambar yang kemudian beredar adalah ukuran (maaf) payudara dan keseksian pelaku, padahal kita lebih membutuhkan bagaimana kelanjutan tuntutan dari pihak-pihak yang dirugikan, dan bagaimana supaya kita terhindar dari penipuan semacam itu. Memberi dukungan kepada Briptu Norman yang dihukum karena berjoget India memang hak setiap orang, tetapi memanfaatkan kasus tersebut untuk lantas mengkritisi pihak aparat secara berlebihan (bahkan sampai mengkritisi presiden), sepertinya koq kurang tepat sasaran ya?

Kita sering miris karena media lebih banyak memuat berita negatif tentang negara ini. Segala sesuatu didramatisir secara berlebihan, dan layak untuk dihujat atau dihakimi bersama-sama. Padahal kita bisa selalu memilih untuk tetap bangga dengan segelintir pihak yang kerja kerasnya patut dijadikan trend. Masih banyak berita positif dan inspiratif yang pantas disebarluaskan kepada khalayak. Tapi kenapa kita justru lebih percaya kepada hoax bahwa Lady Gaga dan lagunya adalah hujatan terhadap suatu agama?!

Seharusnya tidak perlu menjadi pemain sepak bola untuk menjadi idola rakyat, tidak perlu kawin-cerai untuk tampil setiap jam di layar kaca, dan kita juga tidak perlu berlagak nasionalis dengan ikut-ikutan menghujat, karena semua orang bisa berprestasi di bidangnya masing-masing.

Kita hanya butuh dukungan dari semua orang untuk berhenti menyebarkan berita palsu, berita bohong, atau berita yang tidak pantas dianggap penting.

* * *

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