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The Waiting Game

On October 2011, I was in the middle of a big decision. Perhaps one of the biggest decision I ever made in my entire life, and it involved a great deal of waiting.

I’ve made other big decisions before,

Graduated from college and got my first job on August 2005, got married on January 2007, got accepted and joined another company on August 2007, received positive pregnancy on August 2008, and decide to deliver Bintang by C-Section.. and the latest, received my home-loan/mortgage approval on November 2011, and officially moved to our (so-called) OWN home.. on January 2012.

November 2011, prior to receiving my mortgage approval, my life was like hell. I couldn’t enjoy eating, sleeping, and all I can think about was “that” house and how much I want to stay there IMMEDIATELY.

I got excited to almost every telephone call, and got mad when it came from someone else and not the bank PIC, I got up earlier in the morning, and was anxious the whole entire day, …

and now I am in that same situation, all over again.

Two weeks ago, I got called for a job interview. I love the job description, and the challenges that I shall face, the amount of new learning experiences and opportunities that I will get.

Everything went smoothly, and last week, I received their offer by telephone with a salary which was a little bit lower than what I expected. My immediate reply was to ask for increase and a moment to think about their offer.

Several days later, I called them and requested to check their employment contract. I’ve seen it, felt OK with it, I even agreed to the salary they offered, but then the Branch Manager replied,

“Actually, our country manager is still very busy and I haven’t been able to reach him by phone and e-mail. He’s the one who is in charge to prepare your contract, and we both have to wait for his decision. I will deal with this matter next week, and give you a call once it’s all clear.

I felt like jumping into a very deep well, and said to myself “there’s still a possibility that I fail this, this is very hard to handle.”

And today is Monday, the beginning of a new week.

I can only pray that the country manager have decided to pick me, prepare my contract, and invite me to come and sign the contract. My prayer is so focused, and this has filled my head so much, since Friday.

Help me God.. To accept whatever it is You have planned for me!

* * *


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Present Comfort, and Sacrifice

I’m an easily-bored kind of person who always seeks for new opportunities in almost anything, and right now I am thinking to get a new job. I’ve been surfing through the internet to check out some new job offers and have submitted my applications as well.

So far, I have caught the eyes of 2 (two) big companies, which I already had an interview with but still haven’t been called for further tests or more discussions. One is a second biggest tobacco company in Indonesia, and the other one is a Switzerland-based power generation company.

I should be grateful ? (Google Images)

Like any other jobs, all of them have positive as well as negative sides. Compared to the condition in my current company, I surely will be more busy, will have to wake up earlier in the morning, and possibly arrive more late in the evening. In short, I probably gonna spend LESS time with my son..


But on the other hand, I will have a better salary to pay everything in my monthly expenses, including his school fees and hence (in the long run), provide a better future with better opportunities for him.


So in the end, sometimes.. as a parent, or as a regular human being, there will be times when we have to sacrifice our comfortable present, in order to pursue a better future, for ourselves, or for our children..

If life is the distance between what we have right now and what we hope for in the future, then how is the best way to take the path towards the future?

How much do we have to sacrifice to make the journey meaningful for us, for our family?

* * *

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A Bigger Heart


Successfully made your heart shrinks, right?

Not an expert in psychology, but I’m pretty sure that the first normal reaction for most people when they received critics, are, denial.

Me, too.

At the beginning of the last month of the year 2011, where everyone starts counting down to 2012, and plan their new-year resolution (or reviewing the one they made last year), I was forced to accept the bitter fact to put “Be punctual!!” in my next year’s resolution. Why? Well, I just received an e-mail from my boss asking me about my horrible punctuality status.

Like anyone else, my first reaction was, “O, shit.. It matters now..?!” which was followed by a quest for several excuses (with no result), moved to plan-B: beg for forgiveness, and plan-C: deal with it.

Surrendered to the reality that it was myself who caused this mess, I refuse to call it a bad luck. A bad luck is something unpredictable, mostly happened even when you already tried to avoid it. But this disobedience issue between me and “arriving on time to work” is not unpredictable. It’s me, and my awful habit, period. It’s something I need to accept as a warning, and the only solution is to admit my mistakes.

So I replied my nice boss, saying “Thank you for your forewarning, I have no reason whatsoever for my lateness. I do live 18 KM from office, and got caught in traffic often, but it is not an excuse for me being late. I admit that I have not paid attention to punctuality issues, and I will bear the consequences for being disobedient.”

Sent, and .. pheeeewwww….. that was relieving.. sort of.

Then, he replied, “Febri, thank you for your attention and explanation. We look forward to your improvement on this matter. Thanks for your understanding.”

* * *

Critics made your heart shrinks, but accepting them and realizing your mistakes in order to change into a better person proved that you have a big heart. Bigger and stronger than before.

And for that, I certainly will put “waking up earlier in order to arrive on time at work” as one of my goal next year. It’s no longer something that I kept saying, planned to do, but never actually committed to.

* * *

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