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[PHOTO] Batu Vacation

Family gathering with people from work. This is an event we do every year, and for this year we are enjoying the new recreational park in Batu, Malang: “Jawa Timur Park 2.” Located in the hills, we are staying at Pohon Inn hotel, and made a visit to Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and of course “Batu Night Spectacular” ..

Pohon Inn Hotel, Jatim Park 2, East Java

Animal Museum

Inside The Museum

Batu Secret Zoo - Jatim Park 2

Animals Parade - 1

Animals Parade - 2

Batu Night Spectacular

More of these pictures are available on My Flickr page. Please do not copy without permission.

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[PHOTO] The Rusty Playground

Last Sunday, I went to one of Surabaya’s oldest shopping mall “Plaza Surabaya” and stopped-by at its playground. Located on the rooftops, this playground used to be one of the coolest place (back, perhaps 10 years ago) for kids. Before, the era of electronic game centers such as T*mezone and the like.

But today, the condition of this playground is, well.. kinda being abandoned and desperately in need for improvements. The colors and available toys are lovely, though, with rusts and broken paints. All photos were took using a Nikon D3100, with 55-300 lens.

Please do not copy without permission. Thanks and enjoy!


merry go round



rusty control box | insert coins

happily hanging

drowned & exhausted

More of these photos can be found on my Flickr page.

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[PHOTO] Taman Safari Indonesia 2, Prigen


Photos taken with Nikon D3100, 01 September 2011 during Idul Fitri holiday..

~ house of the urang utans

~ pretty kakak tua

~ colorful squid #1

~colorful squid #2

~ my little family

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[PHOTO] At The White Beach

~ the lovely beach welcomes you...

~ My Son Bintang and Cousin Egi

~ twin girls playing with sand

~ for sale

~ souvenir centre #1

~ souvenir centre #2 "designer hats"

~ souvenir centre #3

~ souvenir centre #5

Located on the east side of Java Island, “Pasir Putih” beach is part of the Situbondo area of East Java province. For travelers from Jakarta or West Java, who took a trip to Bali by car, you will find this beach after you pass Surabaya, but several kilometers before Banyuwangi.

Almost every Idul Fitri, I took a trip to this beach because it is located near my husband’s village of Kraksaan. And this time, I brought along my Nikon D3100, as a newbie photographer..


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[PHOTO] Songa River, Probolinggo

the happy family


Stuck on A Rock


This holiday marks my first time learning to use the very basic trick of a Digital-SLR Camera, Nikon D3100, “capturing splashes of water” .. Photo was taken at 11.00 AM, in a river near Songa Rafting area, Probolinggo, East Java.

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[PHOTO] Playing With Bird

here, birdie...

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