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Present Comfort, and Sacrifice

I’m an easily-bored kind of person who always seeks for new opportunities in almost anything, and right now I am thinking to get a new job. I’ve been surfing through the internet to check out some new job offers and have submitted my applications as well.

So far, I have caught the eyes of 2 (two) big companies, which I already had an interview with but still haven’t been called for further tests or more discussions. One is a second biggest tobacco company in Indonesia, and the other one is a Switzerland-based power generation company.

I should be grateful ? (Google Images)

Like any other jobs, all of them have positive as well as negative sides. Compared to the condition in my current company, I surely will be more busy, will have to wake up earlier in the morning, and possibly arrive more late in the evening. In short, I probably gonna spend LESS time with my son..


But on the other hand, I will have a better salary to pay everything in my monthly expenses, including his school fees and hence (in the long run), provide a better future with better opportunities for him.


So in the end, sometimes.. as a parent, or as a regular human being, there will be times when we have to sacrifice our comfortable present, in order to pursue a better future, for ourselves, or for our children..

If life is the distance between what we have right now and what we hope for in the future, then how is the best way to take the path towards the future?

How much do we have to sacrifice to make the journey meaningful for us, for our family?

* * *


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So Very (Too) Fresh – College Graduates

One of the female staff in my office is 7,5 month pregnant. She is the secretary for administration department. Pretty soon she will deliver and we will need a temporary staff working for 3 months during my friend’s maternity leave.

pregnant, and working

We have received some applications and currently we have picked three female candidates to fill her spot. They all came from highly reputable university in Surabaya, and some of them are fresh graduates. Today, I have the privilege to watch all three of them doing an interview with my boss.

The first candidate, graduated from Airlangga University in International Studies, and continued management program at University of Surabaya, where she earn her post-graduate degree. She’s only 26 years old but already have an “M. M.” title behind her name. To complete our fascination, she also have a “3-point-something” GPA. But to my surprise, she showed up in something that I can’t understand, until my boss said, “her academic achievements does not match her appearance and working abilities.”

I thought to myself, “Girl, you might be smart, but you need to know that those outfit you wear, might be suitable for college, but not for work!

The second candidate, just finished her final assignment in the faculty of Communication and Public Relation at Petra University. She looks nice, confident, and friendly. I thought my boss will choose her instantly, but I was wrong.

“She might came from a very expensive university and her major is communication but she have no idea how to be engaged in an English conversation…” said my boss.

What ??? Doesn’t know how to speak or write English?

The third candidate, currently a stay-at-home mommy who graduated from University of Airlangga, majoring in International Study. Two-point-something GPA, used to work as Guest Relation Officer in several hotels, good appearance, fluent in English, but… showed up late for more than an hour..

During her lateness, she vanished from the face of the earth, we were unable to contact her mobile phone and local number. She finally showed up, looking good and did well in the interview. But punctuality is something that my boss (and pretty sure all companies) consider very important.

So my boss is kinda angry and feel a bit disappointed today. For a position that is relatively simple, an administration staff to manage office expenses and e-mails, all three candidates doesn’t have the very basic skills we needed: (1) Good appearance, (2) English capabilities, and (3) Computer skills (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and e-mailing).

Yet, let me remind you that all of them came from a very reputable universities, have high GPAs, and were pretty actively involved in their university organizations.

Another bitter reality for me, considering all of them have spent enormous amount of (their parents’) money but are not ready to make (money) on their own. This surely is a valuable lesson for me as a parent. And this is one fact that must be deeply, thoroughly, think about, for all of you studying in college right now.

Are you sure you’re going to get a job easily after you graduate, or are you just like most college graduates who does not have any idea on how to prepare yourself in order to be ready for work?

* * *


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Thank You, Hope.

Okay, perhaps I’ve written about this too many times, but since I keep forgetting it, especially when I face difficult times, I’m going to write about it again.

You know those days when you’re expecting for a miracle but end-up crying for a tragedy instead? I just had it for the past few weeks. I still have it, actually, because nothing have changed since it happened, and it can probably get worse.

I was waiting for a great amount of money to decrease my mortgage installment, but then my father (who broke his leg 8 months ago) needed another surgery to fix his leg, which is, well, needs to be repositioned, realigned.

Anyway.. there I was, feeling confused.. Got no money, and yet have to pay for so many things! My mortgage, my dad’s upcoming surgery..

I still got no money, and my dad’s leg still need to be fix soon..

But yesterday, I collected all of my courage to bravely asked a friend at the human resource section, on the possibilities of me, leaving my current job. And he said, there’s no problem, as long as I gave a one month notice before starting in a new place.

Suddenly, I see a glimpse of light that I do have a hope, to change the situation. I can always look for another company who (hopefully will pay me better), give me new experiences and new working environment.

And so I updated my new resume, sent it to few companies who advertised vacant positions, and felt a burst of new energy started to fill my days. I am alive again, thanks to hope.

Hope for a better future, in achievable ways. It brightens my day, and I was so happy today that I decided to upload my own version of Adele’s “One and Only” to SoundCloud.

* * *

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How College Ruined My Life, and Then Saved It

I use to dream to become an architect. But when I was in high school, I got a terrible grade on chemistry (the perfect score was 100, and mine was 40). I couldn’t continue to IPA (natural science) class, and hence couldn’t apply on any university to study architecture.

I don’t know whether this system is still used until today or not, all I know, the Minister of Education, sucks!

After 3rd grade, I tried the UMPTN test but failed. So my parents sent me to one of the most expensive college in Surabaya, where I choose the Economics major. Because it felt like the right thing to do. Sort of.

Turns out, studying economics makes me extremely bored. I lost my motivation to study and got pretty distracted. Instead, I learned to held music gigs with my friends, joined and played with a few indie bands, and worked part-time in a computer store. Suddenly, I have spent 7 (yes, SEVEN !!!) years in college, and still didn’t know how it will END.

That’s it. Do it or leave it. I got one year to complete my final assignment, or the university will kick my butt.

So I decided to finish it. I left my bands, put myself together, do my final assignments, and eventually, graduated. Since I never went to the graduation ceremony, I always wonder how my face would look like wearing the toga.

Wonder how this hat feels..

While some graduates were facing difficult times looking for a job, I was pretty lucky to have a friend who told me that her office needed a Secretary. I sent my application, did the interview, and were successfully hired. I was working full time, felt proud with myself, even though..


The only thing that was useful was my graduation certificate. My friend told me that one of the reasons I got accepted by her boss was because I graduated from a reputable university.

The decision to attend college may have destroyed 8 (eight) valuable years of my life, but on the other hand, it has also gave me a job, with monthly salary and health insurance, a job which helped me to raise a son, pay the mortgage, and eventually moving on.

* * *

(End of the first part of “should you or should you not go to college” series)



Daily Routine

I was pretty inspired by this article, and must admit I feel glad that there are many people who are “just as trapped” as myself, in their daily routine. But not all of them are complaining, some of them actually enjoy this repetitive pattern, because it makes life more controllable.

There are things in my own life that I kept doing over and over again, everyday, or at least from Monday to Friday. Woke up to my BlackBerry alarm at 6.30 AM, pressed “dismiss” and sleep again until 7, then went to the kitchen to boil water and make two cups of coffee. One for me, and one for hubby. Coffee done, I light a cigarette, and switched from coffee to cigarette, vice versa, while talking to hubby about anything I have in mind, or just scrolling down my Twitter timeline to see what others are saying this morning.

Take my bath on 7.30 and search for whatever outfit is suitable for work. With sufficient face powder and a touch of lipstick, I put on my jacket, took the motorcycle keys, and kiss my son goodbye. I pass the same road, the same traffic light, and park my motorcycle on the same parking location at office. Wait for the elevator to take me to 5th floor, check on my BlackBerry and pressed my thumb on the finger print machine.

Turn on my computer, clicked on my Mozilla Thunderbird to check e-mails, Firefox to open Echofon for Twitter, Google Reader, and Gmail. Pick up my stack of paperwork, check for anything important, and leave it. Read the same blogs, opened the same Twitter lists, and RT-ed or replied mentions. At 10 AM, the office-boy will ask me for lunch menu, at 12 AM we eat lunch together, and at 1 PM I returned to my desk. At 4.45 PM I turn everything off, and pressed my thumb again at the finger print attendance system.

Left the office, and go home through the same road, got caught in the traffic jam due to the same traffic light, and arrive at home to hug my son. Eat dinner, watch TV and play with my son, until he sleeps at around 10, and turn my BlackBerry off, wait for it to ring again at 6.30 AM the next day. After remembering all the things that I forgot to do that day, I forgot to send this particular sales document, I forgot to send my son’s pictures for the photo competition, I forgot to stopped by at my mother’s house, .. Despite all the things I forgot to do everyday, I usually fell asleep on the same time everyday..

* * *

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A Bigger Heart


Successfully made your heart shrinks, right?

Not an expert in psychology, but I’m pretty sure that the first normal reaction for most people when they received critics, are, denial.

Me, too.

At the beginning of the last month of the year 2011, where everyone starts counting down to 2012, and plan their new-year resolution (or reviewing the one they made last year), I was forced to accept the bitter fact to put “Be punctual!!” in my next year’s resolution. Why? Well, I just received an e-mail from my boss asking me about my horrible punctuality status.

Like anyone else, my first reaction was, “O, shit.. It matters now..?!” which was followed by a quest for several excuses (with no result), moved to plan-B: beg for forgiveness, and plan-C: deal with it.

Surrendered to the reality that it was myself who caused this mess, I refuse to call it a bad luck. A bad luck is something unpredictable, mostly happened even when you already tried to avoid it. But this disobedience issue between me and “arriving on time to work” is not unpredictable. It’s me, and my awful habit, period. It’s something I need to accept as a warning, and the only solution is to admit my mistakes.

So I replied my nice boss, saying “Thank you for your forewarning, I have no reason whatsoever for my lateness. I do live 18 KM from office, and got caught in traffic often, but it is not an excuse for me being late. I admit that I have not paid attention to punctuality issues, and I will bear the consequences for being disobedient.”

Sent, and .. pheeeewwww….. that was relieving.. sort of.

Then, he replied, “Febri, thank you for your attention and explanation. We look forward to your improvement on this matter. Thanks for your understanding.”

* * *

Critics made your heart shrinks, but accepting them and realizing your mistakes in order to change into a better person proved that you have a big heart. Bigger and stronger than before.

And for that, I certainly will put “waking up earlier in order to arrive on time at work” as one of my goal next year. It’s no longer something that I kept saying, planned to do, but never actually committed to.

* * *

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