Thirty-something working mother with a toddler son and a loving husband.

Who is also, a bored employee.

Blogging from the hot-weathered city of Surabaya, Indonesia about things that popped inside her head and others that are happening around this world. But I guess parenting, children education, family/relationship/marriage issues, with a few music/movies have been dominating my posts.

I can go random so often because it is the most dominating aspect within my right brain. I am also an INFP kind of person and I have my boring daily routine (well, not all are boring, some of the activities I actually kinda enjoy, like checking out my Twitter timeline, or writing a blog).

Like anyone else in this planet, I am also on Facebook, and this is my e-mail just in case you want to ask me questions. (?)

Oh, and I can play the guitar, too! I used to play for several indie bands, but have to let it go and return to college to finish my final assignment and graduate. I am no longer with any bands now, but music has always been my remedy, second to my son.

with my son



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