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Now that I have officially moved to a new home, my mother in law, who have a high blood pressure, came to visit us. Her tension is contagious, it spreads to me, my son, and even to my nephews. Pretty soon we were all exhausted listening to her telling us NOT to do this, that, asking us unimportant questions of insecurity, and the only moment when we can laugh is when she’s taking a bath.

Not only that, I had this scary dream the first night I slept in my new bedroom. My mood has been pretty low, awful, due to PMS, lack of money, and because we decide to put the TV in the family room instead of the bed room, I can no longer watch my favorite channels while sleeping and enjoying the cold breeze of air conditioner. I have to watch TV in the living room, without air conditioner, without a bed, and with my mother in law sitting beside me asking me what time will I go to sleep because she wanted to watch the sinetron “Binar Bening Berlian.”

At moments when I want to relax, she’s cleaning the house, washed the dirty plates and looked pretty busy in the kitchen. I began to think she had OCD, but it’s rude isn’t it? But if not OCD then what the hell was that?

So I’ve been staying in my new home for a week now. But I haven’t been able to enjoy it a lot, mainly because the TV is NOT where it used to be. Trying to look at the positive side of it, at least I don’t have to watch Lea Michele in 2012 Golden Globe wearing this weird dress.

great dress, but not for you, and not for the globe.. (image from mirror.co.uk)

Oh, I wonder how my mother in law would react seeing this dress. I think she will love it.

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Daily Routine

I was pretty inspired by this article, and must admit I feel glad that there are many people who are “just as trapped” as myself, in their daily routine. But not all of them are complaining, some of them actually enjoy this repetitive pattern, because it makes life more controllable.

There are things in my own life that I kept doing over and over again, everyday, or at least from Monday to Friday. Woke up to my BlackBerry alarm at 6.30 AM, pressed “dismiss” and sleep again until 7, then went to the kitchen to boil water and make two cups of coffee. One for me, and one for hubby. Coffee done, I light a cigarette, and switched from coffee to cigarette, vice versa, while talking to hubby about anything I have in mind, or just scrolling down my Twitter timeline to see what others are saying this morning.

Take my bath on 7.30 and search for whatever outfit is suitable for work. With sufficient face powder and a touch of lipstick, I put on my jacket, took the motorcycle keys, and kiss my son goodbye. I pass the same road, the same traffic light, and park my motorcycle on the same parking location at office. Wait for the elevator to take me to 5th floor, check on my BlackBerry and pressed my thumb on the finger print machine.

Turn on my computer, clicked on my Mozilla Thunderbird to check e-mails, Firefox to open Echofon for Twitter, Google Reader, and Gmail. Pick up my stack of paperwork, check for anything important, and leave it. Read the same blogs, opened the same Twitter lists, and RT-ed or replied mentions. At 10 AM, the office-boy will ask me for lunch menu, at 12 AM we eat lunch together, and at 1 PM I returned to my desk. At 4.45 PM I turn everything off, and pressed my thumb again at the finger print attendance system.

Left the office, and go home through the same road, got caught in the traffic jam due to the same traffic light, and arrive at home to hug my son. Eat dinner, watch TV and play with my son, until he sleeps at around 10, and turn my BlackBerry off, wait for it to ring again at 6.30 AM the next day. After remembering all the things that I forgot to do that day, I forgot to send this particular sales document, I forgot to send my son’s pictures for the photo competition, I forgot to stopped by at my mother’s house, .. Despite all the things I forgot to do everyday, I usually fell asleep on the same time everyday..

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Meet My Brain!

I just took the test which will determine which part of my brain is more actively used in a creative process: was it the right or left part? And the answer is stunning. After finishing a questionnaire my result is:

My right brain is showing its dominance. According to the test, as a right-brained, I am known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. I am the kind of person who is able to visualize the “whole” picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the “whole” picture. My thoughts are usually quite illogical and meandering. My problem-solving techniques is often very innovative and creative. A right-brained loves to express themselves using art, dance, or music. Some occupations usually held by a right-brained person are forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist.

But I also find a more interesting explanation about my brain habit, which involved the dominant characteristics of my own “brain-usage.”

One thing that caught my attention is the 62% percentage of RANDOMNESS as the dominant characteristic of my right brain. What does it mean?! Well, according to whoever invented this test, a right-brained person will usually jump from one task to another due to the random processing by their dominant right hemisphere. In other words, the information that is received is processed without priority. (This explains my super low ability to focus on one thing at one time, sigh..)

But the good side of this is that I am also superb in completing tasks with no specific order, thus I won’t have to waste time creating lists when they aren’t needed. I am also able to make “leaps of logic” and make discoveries a sequential thinker could never dream of making.

One of the main usage of the left side of our brain is to memorize verbal instruction, but as seen on the above picture my score was lowest. This proves that I am not a verbal person. I tend to use very few words, and prefer to illustrate a problem or solution. That’s why it’s of ten hard for me to “find the right words.”

Another important finding from this test is my “fantasy-oriented” preference, which shows a rather high score. This explains why I often use creativity and reality to process information. It said that this is a unique gift that allows me to focus on rules and regulations, and at the same time to also act with creativity. As a fantasy-lover, I am easily adjusting myself to change, and will be deeply connected with something if I find it interesting.

But, due to my random strength, even the most attractive thing to do will soon be forgotten. Just like those verbal instructions that I no longer remembered. All materials in this blog post were taken from www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com and go figure out your own brain rules!

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