Thank You, Hope.

Okay, perhaps I’ve written about this too many times, but since I keep forgetting it, especially when I face difficult times, I’m going to write about it again.

You know those days when you’re expecting for a miracle but end-up crying for a tragedy instead? I just had it for the past few weeks. I still have it, actually, because nothing have changed since it happened, and it can probably get worse.

I was waiting for a great amount of money to decrease my mortgage installment, but then my father (who broke his leg 8 months ago) needed another surgery to fix his leg, which is, well, needs to be repositioned, realigned.

Anyway.. there I was, feeling confused.. Got no money, and yet have to pay for so many things! My mortgage, my dad’s upcoming surgery..

I still got no money, and my dad’s leg still need to be fix soon..

But yesterday, I collected all of my courage to bravely asked a friend at the human resource section, on the possibilities of me, leaving my current job. And he said, there’s no problem, as long as I gave a one month notice before starting in a new place.

Suddenly, I see a glimpse of light that I do have a hope, to change the situation. I can always look for another company who (hopefully will pay me better), give me new experiences and new working environment.

And so I updated my new resume, sent it to few companies who advertised vacant positions, and felt a burst of new energy started to fill my days. I am alive again, thanks to hope.

Hope for a better future, in achievable ways. It brightens my day, and I was so happy today that I decided to upload my own version of Adele’s “One and Only” to SoundCloud.

* * *


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