Ignoring Everyone

Are you a control freak?

Charlie, from Two and A Half Men, said something nice yesterday (no, he wasn’t drunk when he said it), sort of like this,

“Everyone in this world will always do whatever they want. Let them be. You can’t control them. The only thing you can control, is yourself.”

Charlie said it to his brother Allan, who was continuously manipulated by his lesbian, ex wife, Judith. To repair the water drainage, to throw the garbage, etc.

Charlie & Allan (Two & A Half Men) - Google Images

I know that a good conversation happens when someone is talking, and someone else is listening. But to my opinion, we must have the ability to distinguish when to listen, and when to ignore unimportant matters. If we don’t we will try to control other people, just because they have a different opinion from ours, and end up fighting. Or worse, we feel inferior and do stupid things just to feel accepted by anyone else.

Such as, listening to people who keep telling you to buy more dress, wear more make up, do a plastic surgery, eat less food, change gadgets, change cars, change houses, change husbands or wives (?)

Believe me the above list can go on, there will always be those annoying people who will do whatever they can to pull you down, to make you feel bad about yourself, say horrible things about you, in order to lift up their desperate selves. Those are the people you should NEVER listen to.

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And the best way to deal with these people is to consider them unimportant, laugh at them if you can. But never, EVER, listen to them. After having a lot of conversation with my own female friends, most of their problem begin when they are being intimidated by their in-laws. But instead of -simply- IGNORING them, my friends listened to them.

They end up crying, scratching the walls of their bedroom, and never feel good enough about themselves.

I, on the other hand, was pretty blessed for living on my own, NOT under the same roof with my in-laws. I can ignore them if I want, but so far they haven’t mess with my life. There are other people who say shitty things to me, but I try to remember that the reason behind it was because they need me to feel bad, so that they have the chance to feel good.

I don’t give them that chance.

They can say whatever they want, that I’m a bad mother for not being able to breastfeed my child, for having him birth through a C-section, for leaving him at home with a nanny, for not yet enrolling him in any school, and so on.

That I’m a bad wife for enjoying what I eat and not exercising as much as they do to have slim body but a very fat jealousy. For not wearing an up-to-date dress, for not cleaning up the house frequently, for not being able to cook, for simply being me!

My life is happy, and mostly it’s because I am ignoring everyone.

* * *



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