The Element of Faith

Faith. The one thing that can differentiate where you will go. Or will end up. What you will do (for the rest of your life), and how you react to certain unexplainable things. To face tragedies.

For the families of the (so called) Deadly Xenia‘s victim, faith is something that will help them to accept the deaths of their beloved family/friends, take time to mourn, and then moving on with their lives. Faith will make them say, “This is all God’s will and we must face this tragedy with a big heart.”

But for me, it’s a different story.

On Thursday morning, January 18th, 2012, a friend sent me a BlackBerry message, with picture of a very familiar house. His message was, “Let’s pray that our friend **** is okay, last night the police came to this house and arrested everyone, while some of them are using drugs.”

I was scared, afraid that he was also got arrested. I sent him text messages, buzzed his Yahoo! Messenger, sent him an E-mail, Twitter, wrote on his Facebook wall, tried every means of communication possible, but received no reply.

Next day, came Friday, and again, I got a terrible news. I took my father to the hospital to check on his leg, and sadly, his leg needs to be repositioned, another surgery to fix the broken bones. We’re all shocked, and I couldn’t look my father’s eyes, which is filled with water, confused on where are we going to collect the money for the repositioning, now that insurance can only covered one-time surgery.

I still haven’t received any news from my friend, and now I have to face another shock. My family sat together, and decide that we will look for enough money (can’t say when) for the surgery. Are we going to get it or not, doesn’t matter. We believe we will. We have faith. As for my friend, he still disappears from the face of the earth. I sent another text, and yet no reply.

Until Sunday morning, 22nd January 2012, when a text message arrived. It was him, telling me he has spent 4 days in jail, because his friends was using drugs in his house. He wanted me to pray for him, that he will get out fast, and not to worry.

I was shocked, confused, my heart was beating heavily, and I don’t know what sort of faith is going to make me feel better. I feel pity for him, his family, his business, and how he will be treated in jail, how long he will stay there, and so on.

But this morning, as I checked on my Facebook account for news of him, I found that he has wrote a status from his phone. He said,

“In a cold place, without the sun, embrace me with your prayers, hug me with your spirit, and hold me with your patience.. Allah bless you all..”

And I know that his faith has helped him to face this, even better than how I forced myself to accept everything awful that’s been going on in my life. My dad’s leg repositioning, among everything else.

I know that faith has (hopefully) helped my friend to be strong in jail. And not only for himself, but for everyone who cares for him.

And for anyone out there who is facing difficult times, dark moments in life, and tragedies, perhaps the only thing that can keep you moving on is faith. With faith, you will keep praying, set your hopes high, and eventually see the sun again.

This song is for all of you.

* * *


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