The False Education

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You’re not educated, unless you go to school.

Oh, yeah?

Lately everyone keeps telling me to enroll my 2,5 year-old son to a preschool. I manage to not give a damn about them, but secretly searched for information from preschools / kindergarten in my neighborhood. I haven’t decide anything, but the more info I get, the less I want my son to go to school.

Especially with the rise of early education centers in my hometown, of which some of them can cost millions of Rupiah, I begin to think that this phenomenon is just a big waste of money. It’s taking advantage of parents who are focusing on pride, esteem, and have nowhere else to spend their money on. But that’s just my opinion that you can always ignore, or think about, your choice, who cares!?

I agree that everyone deserves an education. To pursue knowledge, and to learn about this world and all its wonders. But is school the only source for it?

Actually, the term “education” have a far more, broader meaning, compared to the term “school” which is just one form of structured education. I understand too, that lately there have been another way of transferring knowledge to educate our children, such as homeschooling, unschooling, and flexi-schooling. But each have their own disadvantages such as socialization problems, diploma problem, and so on.

So.. I still don’t know and haven’t decide anything, yet.

I am still planning to search for more information regarding other alternatives such as music course, art lesson, etc. But I have my reasons now, for whatever it is my decision will be, my son will have to love it, having fun doing it, and can light his own fire, instead of having his bucket poured with water (on which he doesn’t have a clue on how to use the water for.)

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