Old Man Tale

Something weird happened to me yesterday. As I played Bruno Mars’ “Never Say You Can’t” song, my eyes were suddenly filled with tears. I still have my father, alive, and pretty healthy, thank God, while the song is about a father who told his son to, well, never say “You can’t” before he passed away.

It’s pretty hard to look for a proper video of the song on Youtube, I don’t know why.. But the lyric is available, and if you have a nice relationship with your father, who already passed away, prepare yourself to be drowned in tears.

My father and I, we have the same Chinese sign (the Goat), and shared the same Zodiac sign (Aquarius), perhaps that is also one of the many reasons why we don’t get along well with each other. Especially during my years of being a rebellious teen. We were too similar to each other, and we were both very stubborn, adventurous, and awkwardly creative. But like the song’s lyric, “I wouldn’t be where I am, if my father didn’t tell me to never say I can’t” there were moments that I feel very lucky to have him as my dad.

He was not the best father a person could’ve asked for, but he surely has given me a solid understanding of what adultery life is like. That it’s going to be tough, and even though I’m a woman it doesn’t mean that I must refuse to be as powerful as any men. He meant what he said, he bought me an electric guitar, complete with a personal amplifier, which I then sold a couple of years later due to, well, I don’t know why but I really really really regret doing it.

There are too many things I can say about my old man and not all of them are wonderful, but one of his most precious legacy is to never quit, never surrender, and never giving up, no matter how awful your life might be, no matter how deep you have been drowned in your own sh*thole, we can change the situation by working hard, believe in our capability, and use a little (or a lot of) creativity.

As a family, I have watched how my dad screw my life when he decided to quit his job, borrow money from the bank to start his own business, and fail. But I have also watched him struggled hard to get his family back to the position where all of us can enjoy our lives again.

This song is definitely for you, Dad.. And I don’t need to wait until you pass away to say how amazing you are, and that I’m very grateful to have you as my father.

* * *


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