We all know the universal law of parenting, that says: “how we raise our kids will have a tremendous effect on the kind of adults they grow up to be.” But parenting is not an easy task, although it’s neither rocket science, all you need is 90% love and 10% patience.

Last night, I watched this amazing show “Extraordinary People” on BBC Knowledge. It’s about kids, parents, teenagers, who lived with physical disabilities, but were blessed with an extraordinary will, to fight, even stronger than normal people. As I watched the show, I felt such a great humiliation towards myself. Because I, as a normal person, haven’t been grateful for the life I have, and for not having enough patience (sometimes) when dealing my normal son. I watched those moms with disabled children, and they all looked very beautiful, not because of the make-up or cosmetics, but because of their beautiful heart.

For me, as a normal person, who have a normal kids, I sometimes fell into the hole of mompetition where everyone is bragging about their kids’ superior ability and insult other moms’ parenting decisions which are different than most of us. I regret it so much, and now I am certain that there’s nothing more waste-of-time than taking part in that stupid game.

Good parents struggle to prepare their kids for a tough, competitive world, instead of prematurely telling them (and telling everyone else), “You’re all winners.” ~ Bryan Caplan

One thing I learned from the show, is that all those kids are very lucky. They may have physical or mental disabilities, and may have an uncertain future ahead of them, but they have such a loving and supportive parents. They are very blessed for being surrounded by brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandparents, uncles or aunties who can love them the way they are. Not all kids can enjoy those privileges, especially normal kids whose parents are highly ambitious, perfectionists and never praise or consider their children have done well and deserve an unconditional love.

If parents with disabled kids can give their children so much unconditional love and patience, then it should be a shame for us, parents with normal kids, to not being able to do the same. Let’s love our children the way they are.

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2 responses to “Extraordinary

  1. nice post.yes,parents need to support and also direct their children with love

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