Daily Routine

I was pretty inspired by this article, and must admit I feel glad that there are many people who are “just as trapped” as myself, in their daily routine. But not all of them are complaining, some of them actually enjoy this repetitive pattern, because it makes life more controllable.

There are things in my own life that I kept doing over and over again, everyday, or at least from Monday to Friday. Woke up to my BlackBerry alarm at 6.30 AM, pressed “dismiss” and sleep again until 7, then went to the kitchen to boil water and make two cups of coffee. One for me, and one for hubby. Coffee done, I light a cigarette, and switched from coffee to cigarette, vice versa, while talking to hubby about anything I have in mind, or just scrolling down my Twitter timeline to see what others are saying this morning.

Take my bath on 7.30 and search for whatever outfit is suitable for work. With sufficient face powder and a touch of lipstick, I put on my jacket, took the motorcycle keys, and kiss my son goodbye. I pass the same road, the same traffic light, and park my motorcycle on the same parking location at office. Wait for the elevator to take me to 5th floor, check on my BlackBerry and pressed my thumb on the finger print machine.

Turn on my computer, clicked on my Mozilla Thunderbird to check e-mails, Firefox to open Echofon for Twitter, Google Reader, and Gmail. Pick up my stack of paperwork, check for anything important, and leave it. Read the same blogs, opened the same Twitter lists, and RT-ed or replied mentions. At 10 AM, the office-boy will ask me for lunch menu, at 12 AM we eat lunch together, and at 1 PM I returned to my desk. At 4.45 PM I turn everything off, and pressed my thumb again at the finger print attendance system.

Left the office, and go home through the same road, got caught in the traffic jam due to the same traffic light, and arrive at home to hug my son. Eat dinner, watch TV and play with my son, until he sleeps at around 10, and turn my BlackBerry off, wait for it to ring again at 6.30 AM the next day. After remembering all the things that I forgot to do that day, I forgot to send this particular sales document, I forgot to send my son’s pictures for the photo competition, I forgot to stopped by at my mother’s house, .. Despite all the things I forgot to do everyday, I usually fell asleep on the same time everyday..

* * *


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