Life Is Tough, Kids!

I was so busy lately and have missed two important news: (1) Death of Jon Bon Jovi, and (2) Punk kids got arrested in Aceh by the Sharia police. The first news was a hoax (Thank God!), but the second one isn’t. I didn’t get a clear understanding of what’s happening with those (so called “Punk” kids) in Aceh, until my friend Fika wrote it on Blog IMO.

Turns out they were labelled as “punk” because they have this mohawk hair-style, wore dirty clothes, and were attending punk-rock music concert. A very shallow interpretation of punk indeed, to my snobby opinion. I’m not an expert,  but as a former musician who played in several indie bands myself, I tend to believe that:

The term “Punk” itself have a deeper and more valuable meaning beyond what-you-wear and what-music you listen to.

You must start from the inside, use it as a way of life, it directs you on how to think, how to be independent, and how to survive. Keep doing the things you like, but never forget your responsibility. I never adore the idea of showing-off a particular style to state a certain identity, I’d rather show myself on stage playing with my band. Doing the things I like, instead of following what others like.

I just hope that all those kids who got arrested were not just a “punk outside but a coward inside.” But I wouldn’t bet either that those kids truly understands what the punk ideology really means. More likely, they’re just following what their friends are doing. And while other kids are trying to compete with each other in a positive way, showing off their achievements, making their parents proud, these kids were letting the days passes by without actually received anything valuable. Again, it’s just my super-snobby opinion, pardon me. I feel bad for the parents, who struggle to create a future for these kids!

Life is tough, kids. You got your hair shaved off, your body immersed to the river, and detained for days. You know now religion has nothing to do with making people nice, kind, and fair. If you’re trying to figure out which part of “looking like a punk” is contradictory to Islamic laws, well, I have the same question myself. But life isn’t fair (and will never be) and that’s why we have to fight. And you don’t just fight by wearing punk-style clothing, you fight with your work, your creations. Make songs, be a lawyer, study politics and be the next president if your dare!

In the mean time, try to stay out of Aceh.

* * *



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