High-School Hopes

To be a high school student was to be joyful. Lovable, accepted, and if lucky, you can also get good grades. That was me, 18 years ago. Academic achievements were second compared to being successful in friendship, and LOVE. Blame it on whoever you want, but that was my reality, and nothing much I can do about it, except to learn from that experience in order to be a better parent, so that my kid will have a better future. Not saying that mine was awful but expecting progress is not a sin, right?

Okay, so here’s what I tend to say, if, in case, I was standing in front of high-school students, who got absolutely no idea about life and where they are heading. It’s just an imagination, I know, but I got nothing else better to do right now, so.. ^@%#$()*!&#

Kids.. now that you’re in high school, there are things you need to remember and pay attention to. Don’t let your days passes you by without making any progress on your life.

First, make as many friends as possible regardless of race/ethnicity, religion,  parenting status (have a career/jobless/happily married/divorced/straight/gay/etc..), vehicle ownership (those fancy cars belongs to their parents, keep that in mind!), academic achievements (smart, stupid, ignorant, bad-ass’ed (?), lazy, creative, etc), and last but not least, do make friends regardless of their physical appearance (pretty, handsome, less-pretty, less-handsome, I don’t use the word “ugly” because it sounds so rude!).

These are the people that will be on your Facebook page, and when you (hopefully not, but there’s a possibility to..) lost your job one day, it will not hurt to contact them asking for job vacancies. And if you do have a job but is facing certain sales target or deadline, they can also help buying whatever it is the product you sell.

Second, LOVE, is not a big deal. Enough said.

Well, not quite enough, actually. Elaborate! You might probably have a few broken hearts but you’ll find someone else as easy as J-Lo. (?) You’re not married to anyone, so you’re free to flirt to whoever you want without hurting anyone’s feelings. Sex is nice and intriguing, but it will be better if you can postpone until marriage, so that you can keep the curiosity and enjoy your “after-marriage” sexual activities better than your friends who already did it before marriage, got bored, and screw around. If you can’t, I can only say play it safe. You have years of opportunities and fun ahead, don’t ruin it for an instant pleasure. Keep yourself safe from STD, don’t get pregnant, and like I said, “not doing it” is the best option.

Third, try not to stay in the same grade for years. I know that high-school academic achievements have a very small connections with how-well-your-life-is-after-30, but who wants to graduate high school when they’re 20 year-old?! As a teenager, not a toddler, I think all of you kids already familiar with your own talent and interests. You don’t have to master every subject in the curriculum but you have to be good at something, right? One thing I learned from my own high-school years was how I spent too much time trying to focus on subjects that are out of my capabilities, such as physics, chemistry, math, and let myself flowing from day to day without finding out what I love to do best: arts and music. So please have a hobby or interest, and do whatever you can to achieve success on that particular area.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I have work to do now, and I can’t remember what I learned during high school. Or in college. So take it easy, life still rolls even after high school.

* * *



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