Sweets and Sucks

Interactions, over expectations. When bad things happen to us, often we wish for them to vanish. We forgot to let them happen and just ‘deal with it.’ Dealing with it means we are building an interaction with our problems, get to know them better so that we can avoid meeting them again in the future. While expecting them to just ‘go away’ is what we most often, programmed, to do, it actually does not do any good.

All of our lives, people had been telling us that “There is sunshine beyond the rain, and there will be good times beyond the pain..” (yes, it’s Pray, by Justin Bieber.. with a few modifications) which, in-my-pessimistic-opinion, can be misleading. Even worse, delusional!

You wanna know why?

Here’s a few example.

Today is Friday. For us who doesn’t have to work on Saturday, we can finally indulge ourselves in an uninterrupted sleep. But hey, it only lasts for 2 days. We still have to get up early on Monday, right? And work our asses off for 5 days, until we finally meet Friday again.

The Sun. No matter how bright it shines in the morning, and during the daytime, it will sunk to the bottom of the horizon not later than 6 PM, daily. But we will see it again in a couple of hours.

Okay, so what does the above example got to do with the line I took from Bieber’s song “Pray” ?

I’m just saying.. Both good things and bad things have the same probability to happen. When bad things happened, don’t be too dramatic. There will be a way out even though most of the time “patience” is all you got. And when good things happened, just be grateful. Don’t over-analyze it by saying it happened because you were part of charities, or because you saved a puppy from the street. You deserve it, why don’t you just enjoy it?

* * *


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