[PHOTO] The Rusty Playground

Last Sunday, I went to one of Surabaya’s oldest shopping mall “Plaza Surabaya” and stopped-by at its playground. Located on the rooftops, this playground used to be one of the coolest place (back, perhaps 10 years ago) for kids. Before, the era of electronic game centers such as T*mezone and the like.

But today, the condition of this playground is, well.. kinda being abandoned and desperately in need for improvements. The colors and available toys are lovely, though, with rusts and broken paints. All photos were took using a Nikon D3100, with 55-300 lens.

Please do not copy without permission. Thanks and enjoy!


merry go round



rusty control box | insert coins

happily hanging

drowned & exhausted

More of these photos can be found on my Flickr page.

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3 responses to “[PHOTO] The Rusty Playground

  1. Agarigu

    COLORFUL VINTAGE, itu yang gw lihat dari foto2 ini. Tapi colorfulnya kurang nongol..
    I realy like that SIGNAGE, konstruksi besi-besinya kelihatan keren. Sayang agak blur disebelah kiri ya? And again the colour is less contrast.
    I also like that MERRY GO ROUND. Its like telling something. Bagron yg blur bikin foto fokus di objek. Mugkin lebih keren kalo bagron lebih wide dan objek ada di kiri. Kesan yg timbul jadi kaya terisolir, sepi, sendirian ;D
    Overall foto foto ini gak menggambarkan keceriaan, yg ada adalah OLD, VINTAGE, and offcourse GRUNGE.. hahaa

    • that’s exactly the point of these pics, actually.. VINTAGE!!
      utk signege, iya tuh blur, maklum newbie, hahaaa..

      all critics noted, semoga laen kali bisa jepret dengan lebih mantaps..


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