Beyond Beauty: “Team Gaga VS. Team Malinda”

If Lady Gaga said that we were “Born This Way” and we should accept ourselves the way we were, my friend thinks that God doesn’t have any reason to be mad to whoever is planning to improve their physical appearance. Including Malinda Dee, and her you-know-what(s).


Thanks to Tribun News, I find her less-sensual pic 🙂

I wrote this as a sincere attention to my friend who is now using steroid injections and hormone pills to add up some curve in his skinny body. He’s been working out regularly at the gym and now he wants to speed up the results. I guess the old, traditional way, of eating plenty of carbs and do the right exercise just seems too long for him to get the perfect muscles he wants. As a caring friend who tried so hard on not to be judgmental, I suggested him to listen Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” song instead, which is, of course, contradictory to what he’s doing.

So how important is it to have the perfect physical appearance anyway?

Here’s what I think. First of all, beauty is skin deep. If the only reason people love you is because you’re pretty (or handsome), what will happen when you’re no longer have those perfect front-exterior? Humans grow old, we’re not Benjamin Button who has a curious case, remember?

Second, If you impress a girl with your hormone-injected muscles, they will stick around for your bodylicious figure, and left you anytime they find someone else with even more muscles! So unless you’re planning to become the Incredible Hulk, I strongly recommend you to think before you stick (the needles, that is).”

It’s a complicated world today. Fat people want to be skinny, and more skinny women prefer to look like drug addicts. What remains the same is: People who really care for you will love you for what you are. Even if you’re a 30-something woman who just screamed “It’s not faaaaiir…!!” in front of her own picture which was taken 5 years ago —when she was still wearing a size-27 jeans, because today, she is forced to be a loyal fan of size-33 jeans.

But who cares?! All this fat in my body, the scratches on my belly, the scars left by naughty pimples on my cheek, and all these wrinkles which will obviously got worse in 10 years or so, will not be taken for granted. Because all of those markings have their own story. The story of my life, my family, and my memories. I do admit that I have to start improving my eating habit, though, and exercise more… and never forget to comb my hair before going to work… and wear a proper dress to conceal my belly…

So in the end, for me, I guess the offer of plastic surgery, eyebrow tattoo, laser scar removal, or the famous, quick solution of liposuction, is just waaaaay to scary and painful for me (and my wallet).

* * *


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