Day Dreaming About Indonesia’s 2014 Presidential Candidate

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Few years from now, we’re going to see our streets being crowded again due to plenty of political party campaigning their candidate as Indonesia’s next President. All these efforts will obviously need money, and it is part of the reason why political parties usually have rich businessmen behind their back.

Looking back to our last election on 2009, each presidential candidates must be nominated by a party or a coalition that won at least 25% of the popular vote, or 20% of seats in the People’s Representative Council. And according to my naive point of view, this is the root of all the problems happening to our government today.

A president is supposed to be serving the people of Indonesia, but in reality, he’s running this country with his own principle: “It is okay to betray the trust of Indonesian people, but it is very sinful to betray the party and everyone else who have supported him during the campaign.”

The same thing applies to the member of the Representative Council (MPR/DPR). We know a lot of great, eligible names in the MPR/DPR who were –during their campaign– have sworn to prioritize the benefits of the society, but once they succeed, their values suddenly change. To stay in the position, they must follow any rules (good or bad) made by the party. Whenever there’s a deviation or violation done by other members, they will pretend to be blind, keep their mouth shut, and ignore their conscience, otherwise they will be forced to resign or alienated.

So I don’t really care about who will be the next president of Indonesia. If the mechanism remains the same, and if worse, the organization behind each candidates are those same-old parties which was financially supported by the dishonest and problematic businessmen, the welfare of our nation will (still, and always) never be prioritized.

We need someone rich and inspiring enough with a great deal of concern for our nation, to create a new party, free from any businessmen interference, and can loudly say “Go to hell with the principle of betrayal..!!” to create a better Indonesia.

Any volunteer?


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