God’s Surprises

Yes, this past couple of weeks has been overwhelming. One day I was filled with excitement, and the day after I was highly anxious, worried. God has a plan for me, and all these surprises are not meaningless.

If there’s one thing I dream the most right now is to have a house. And about a month ago, we finally got the money to start making it happen. We have the money for the down payment. This was such a surprise and words can’t imagine my excitement. I was happy, relieved, and thankful all at the same time.

But then a week later, I got another surprise. One afternoon, when playing in front of our house, my son accidentally fell and tore out his lips. He was bleeding heavily and it has to be stitched. So we went to this hospital, but luckily, during the stressful journey, my son sucked his milk bottle heavily and turned out this has helped to stop the bleeding!

My son is not the only one who got an accident. A week later, when I was going to the office together with my husband, we fell off our motorcycle because some asshole suddenly turned right and cut our path. No serious damage was done except for the anger we have toward that guy.

Then God gave me another good surprise. We got our dream house, in a very cheap price. We have it 40% below the seller’s price. And after I submitted my documents for house-loan process at the bank, the verification process was somewhat quick. We haven’t got it approved yet, but I really hope so.

But then..

My son was suddenly sick. He was having a high fever, and according to the Pediatrician, he’s going to get “Gabak” (measles, but less severe).  I took him to the doctor on Monday morning, and when I returned home on the afternoon, my mom suddenly called and said “Your father got an accident, his motorcycle was being hit. We are taking him to the hospital right now.”

He broke the bones in his left feet. And the doctor couldn’t immediately fix his feet because his blood sugar level was twice above the normal level. My dad was diabetic, and he must achieve normal blood sugar level before entering the operation room. Thank God, he got the doctor to finally did the operation procedure this morning.

But another problem emerged. The hospital cost turns out to be very expensive and his ASKES (insurance) can’t cover all of it. Apparently, God is still giving me another surprise beyond my recognition. I was given a way to show my obligation to my parents. This time, I have to let go some money that I have prepared for renovating my dream house, to pay the hospital bills.

Our fight is not over yet. And sometimes when you think your prayers can actually make your dream come true, you are wrong. But will it make me stop praying and stop believing that dreams do come true? No it wont. We don’t know whether our prayers are going to change anything, but we pray anyway.


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