Questioning The Highly Debated “Temporary Marriage” in Iran

I just read a shocking article by a fellow IMO-Blogger Hatef Mokhtar, about the “temporary marriage” system which was legalized by the government of one of the most religious country in the world: Iran. According to Iran’s minister, Moustafa Pourmohammadi, “This temporary marriage is a solution to meet the sexual desire of the youth and provide legitimate access to sex.” It will also decrease street prostitution, and the marriage certificate can help men to avoid being arrested by Iranian “moral police” whenever they’re being caught having intimacy with a woman whom they’re not legally married to.

What on earth were they thinking…?

Aren’t we suppose to keep a marriage lasts forever? And what will the words on their akad nikah vows? Because the vows are sacred, and it guarantees the well-being of the wife, while temporary marriage are solely for sexual fulfillment.

When I was married, it was not considered legitimate until the moment of “akad nikah” (marital vows). At this process, my father shook my husband-to-be’s hand, and said “Herewith I marry you to my daughter bla bla bla…” This vow was not just meaningless words.

This is the point where all responsibilities are transferred, from my father to my future husband. Now all duties that concerned my well-being are no longer in my father’s hands, but have become my husband’s obligations.

The akad nikah process was not finish until my future husband replied with: “I accept to marry you daughter by the name of bla bla bla..” (CMIIW) which means that he has accepted the responsibility which was given by my father to him. This process was not just done in front of the muhdin, the witnesses, and the whole guests, but most importantly: this vow was declared in front of God.

This simple (yet sacred) foundation of ‘transferred responsibility’ in the akad nikah process clearly explains what are the role and obligations of a husband, and what rights a wife must have/demand. And this is what marriage is all about! Two people living a life together and taking care of each other, hopefully for the rest of their lives. But in the case of ‘temporary-marriage’ you can choose the term from 1 hour to 99 years. The longer the term, the more money you’re going to pay.

I really don’t understand those men in Iran and their government-approved “temporary marriage” system. What could possibly be the purpose of it again? If the reason is poverty which kept young people from being married, how much does it cost to invite a muhdin and buy 2 marital books to legalize your ‘full-time marriage’ ? But if the reason was to sneak around and enjoying prostitution, well then I rest my case. It’s a shame to use ‘marriage‘ which is suppose to be sacred, as an excuse for male’s sexual desires and their inability to control it.

Well, temporary marriage may save you from being caught by the moral police when you were f***king some women, and you may have escaped the punishment of hundreds of lashes scourging, but I really hope that those false-hypocritical temporary-marriage certificates will give you first-class exclusive flight, along with a VVIP seat and the best view available..  in hell.

* * *


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