A View of Indonesian Job Opportunities

For anyone about to graduate from universities soon enough, don’t get over-excited yet, because now you need to find a job. An activity that will bring money to your pocket. If it’s any of your concern, according to President Yudhoyono, the number of jobless people has decreased compared to last year’s result. If you’re a member of several headhunting websites such as this and this, or if you paid attention to Sunday newspaper advertisements, you will see there are various jobs available for you to grab.

If you’re among the fresh graduates who are interested to work in a foreign company, good news for you! On the upcoming months, Indonesia will have foreign investors coming to international conferences held by the government. But keep in mind that the competition to work with such companies is tough. Over the years, the amount of applicants has always exceeded the number of jobs offered not only by foreign companies, but also from domestic companies.

Only the person who is highly valuable and considered suitable with the overall requirements will be hired. This is why you must polished, equipped and prepare yourself first, before deciding to apply anywhere.

Creating a state-of-the-art resume is the your first homework, although it won’t guarantee your success. Basic abilities such as language and computer proficiency are no longer special, because high-school graduates nowadays also have those skills. You need to show off your accomplishments. Being a member of campus organizations or having a part-time job (which is flexible to your college schedule), can help to highlight your achievements thus will give you more value, compared to other applicants. Once you have passed the early elimination process, you’ll get a chance for an interview. There are enormous tips on this, just ask Google for it.

If you decide not to take the traditional way of school –> college –> employee, you can always try the school –> college –> self employed (entrepreneurship) path.

One of the field that you might want to consider is information technology. The increase of internet users and social media trends have opened a window of opportunities for bloggers, technical students, communication, marketing, and even media experts. Nowadays, almost everybody have a mobile phone and almost all of them are capable to browse the internet. However, compared to well-developed countries, many institutions and small companies in Indonesia are still unaware of the importance of having a website. This is a chance for web-developers to shine and at the same time transfer their knowledge while promoting local products to the world.

Another attractive option comes from the fact on how justice has been badly served in Indonesia. From mega star such as Ariel Peterpan to a poor little kid who stole a phone-card, discrimination still occurred. This is an opportunity for law students to improve Indonesia’s justice system by implementing their knowledge. Speaking of improvement, there is also our entertainment industry, which is desperately seeking young, talented and creative individuals to stop Indian producers from making more over-dramatic series and horrible movies. With your talent, we shall defeat sinetron domination, and give the children better alternatives.

Our education system also provide opportunities for employment, especially in terms of creativity-based system/curriculum. With the forever misleading regulations from the ministry of education, more parents will choose private instead of public schools and this will broaden the chances of employment for new teachers. More people will get married, conceive, and eventually gave birth. We need more Ob-Gyn doctors, babysitters, stores that provide baby-clothing, food, and toys, and of course: party organizers! Plenty of opportunities for music teachers, and plenty more institutions for after-school activities needed.

Health sector will continue emerging as population grows, but the amount of doctors are also rapidly increasing. An alternative for this is by taking advantage of the high demand of health-related products such as organic food, exercise facilities, and sources of health information in the from of print magazines/websites/blogs, etc.

Whatever your choice is, whether it’s to work for a company or work for yourself, after college graduation you are entitled to your own future. Your parents did not send you to college just to have you returned and ask them for allowance. To make this happen, courage is important, but you must also have adequate information about the field that you find interesting. Keep your eyes open wide, ears fully listening, and read as many information as possible. Don’t make your laptop useless if you can always surf the endless possibilities at the world wide web, anytime, anywhere.

* * *


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