The Light Bulb Above Our Heads

When I was a kid, I use to write my name, address, zodiac sign and other stuffs including what I want to be when I grow up, on my friend’s diary book. I don’t know whether kids still do this nowadays, but it’s good to keep the imagination of having a dream job, isn’t it? It provides a path for you and keeps you focused on your purpose.

But just like technology, sometimes our dream must also change to keep up with the rest of world.

Advanced telecommunication technology took over the role of post offices and replaced it with e-mails, text messages, mobile phones, and online instant messaging. With the digital camera, we can directly print pictures at home, and thus eliminates photo-processing job opportunities.

However, there’s still this one dream which will never change from time to time: The dream to be successful. Each people will define success differently. For some it could mean being richer than these world billionaires, and for others it’s settling down in a mansion or a beach house, or even something that has nothing to do with material entities. Whatever it is, the picture seems really nice, right? Well, I hate to interrupt your dream, but let’s face it, you need to do something to make them come true.

Self-made billionaires don’t dominate industries, they transform them and spawn new ones. That takes more than intelligence, courage and luck. It takes divine-like vision. (read more here)

Okay, this sounds like a great way to be rich and popular, but where should I start? Do I have what it takes to be one of those revolutionary people?

Forget that (hard-to-interpret) word “divine-like vision” because I don’t know what it means (sorry!). But if you ask me where to start, you can start anywhere, you can start by giving some thoughts about how you see yourself, because success relies heavily on your own self-perception. And I have the perfect example of self-perception, which I took from a comment which was submitted to my previous post about the process of creation. The comment was “not everybody was born with such gifts.” — Which I choose to disagree. Why? Because if Mark Zuckerberg thought that way when he was studying at Harvard, then none of us will be in so much trouble due to Facebook. But I guess Zuckerberg and his pals were not a bunch of cowards.

It’s a perfect example of someone who have a negative perception about himself. And if you’re one of those person who are not sure about your own capabilities, you are free to leave this place without bothered to read until the last paragraph.

With even harder competition in the field of employment opportunity, more and more successful people are making innovations. To make them, you need creativity. And to have creativity, you must think outside the box. Finally, you can find ideas. It’s a process which involved the capability of our brain, which operates similarly to cars that must be warmed before hitting the gas. One of the best, effective, and yet simple way to boost and stimulate our brain is through reading.

I know it sounds like a belated campaign against illiteracy, and it wont guarantee anyone to suddenly have a light bulb above their heads. But as an amateur blogger who often have a lot of energy to write (but don’t have a clue on what to write about), I spent plenty of times reading other people’s work, blogs, and even weird news, just to find something interesting. I also praise Google for creating the Reader and yes, it works for me. I admit it is a little absurd to relate ideas, creativity, success and being a billionaire to a simple habit of reading, but it’s one way (among others) to help us, well, to be inspired?

I still have my own personal destination which will define my success someday, and maybe the “divine like” vision are flying around somewhere inside my brain, though I’m not sure about it (due to my lack of understanding upon its meaning). All I know, I’ve done something that make me feel good about myself: Blogging. I know I have put better use of my idle time, it’s one of the reason. Having the freedom to write about things that I find interesting, sharing my thoughts with everyone, compiling and digesting ideas and inspirations, is another bonus.

It won’t make me a billionaire anytime soon, and maybe it’s still far from what some people consider “successful” but hopefully it’s the beginning to a process called, “thinking somewhere, outside the box.”

* * *

“This blog post is my submission to the IMO blogging contest”


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