Glee, Popularity Without Identity

I simply thought that anyone with a strong identity will not care about what other people say. I thought that they will never feel threatened by others. But I guess I was wrong. Not only on serious issues like culture or religion, but also for the award winning television series: Glee.


I’m a big fan of Glee. I always found the series to be inspiring. My favorite episode in the first season is “Hairography” with Lennon’s Imagine which they covered in a collaboration with disabled students. There was also the “Laryngitis” episode, where Rachel sings U2’s “One” with Sean, a paralyzed ex-football-player who taught her there’s more to life, than just being popular singer.

That’s why I couldn’t wait for their second season, where more inspiring stories will be brought by the amazing cast and characters. But then, something went wrong with Glee, who seem to lost their identity. They began to cover new pop songs from the current Top 40 chart that are, not particularly special. I almost lost my mind when Rachel sings Katy Perry’s Firework in the “Silly Love Songs” episode about Valentine’s Day. The story, the scene, and the song does not match at all!

This is the problem with identity.

If a big commercial series such as Glee can lost it, then what about us, normal people who are constantly influenced by the mainstream culture? Based on the Glee case, their decision to switch identity has caused them to lose at least one of their loyal fan: Me. And who knows how many other fans think the way I do.

And that’s what you get when you are focusing so much on trying to be like the rest of the world. Our perceptions towards the world is different one another, and it made us think differently from others. When you become too similar to others, you have lost your unique traits that has made people love you.


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