A Normal Life: Me Mocking The Government of Indonesia

Being a blogger has taught me to be honest in everything I wrote. And right now I’m going tell you the truth: we can no longer rely on the government to give us a normal life. We don’t have access to normal education, normal health institution, normal television programs with normal people in it. Our education system sucks, our TV stations are delivering unimportant news, and more people are talking about Malinda Dee’s huge boobs instead of paying attention to what we can learn from the case, and avoid being a victim in the future.

The rest of my story is not important, because I’m going to share things that I hate which I have written over and over again for several times. You are excused to leave, but I’ll love you if you stay with me and laugh together.

Let’s face it. How can we create a smart generation without a proper education system? But talking about the flaws of our education system is overrated. It’s not going to change anything. For us who live in big cities and raised by parents who cared enough about our education and have the money for it, getting into college was not that hard, right? All we have to do is be present in every class and if we’re lucky, after 4 years we can get our Bachelor Degree. If we’re not so lucky, maybe it will take us 8 years. Will it guarantee us to get a decent job with a good salary? Of course NOT. Who are you kidding here?!

For the less-fortunate who can only finish high school, they can always work and hope for life to be kind on them. Some can pursue their dream to be the next Teuku Wisnu, acting side-by-side with Shireen Sungkar or Nikita Willy. Because no matter how destructive it may seems, there’s no way that sinetrons are ever (I repeat, e-ver!) going to vanish from our beloved television screen. Don’t worry if you have a “mediocre look” because our entertainment industry no longer gives a damn, as long as you can upload your video on YouTube dancing like Briptu Norman. Girls, you don’t have to be pretty, because when you’re playing as a pocong nobody can see your real face. You only have to master the act of jumping and ngesot-ing, or washing your hair like the latest version of pocong movies.

Where the hell is Mr Tifatul Sembiring and all his powerful disciples on the Menkominfo department when we need him?!

So you see where this is going? It doesn’t matter what the government do, or in general, it doesn’t matter what other people are doing, because the situation is not going to change anytime soon. We are not going to have an education system like the one in Finland who pays high respect to teachers and their careers, because here in Indonesia, teachers are struggling with their own debts and no money to pay it. Why are they receiving low salaries? We all know the reason, it’s because the people on the house of representatives can not work before their new building is ready. Please understand, they receive salary not less than 10 million rupiah/month, they are equipped with fancy cars, the last thing they need is an awful office in the form of a green bug! And we’re asking for a special budget for education?

Education budget? What education budget? We already give BOS to every public schools! You know, BOS is the funds that being corrupted by the principals and province government!?

Now look at me making fun of our nation’s tragedy. Criticizing and not providing any solution. Well, what can a solution do if nobody is supporting it? I’m just kidding, I’ll talk about some solutions in other time. Sorry, shame on me! But you know what, I forgive the government for failing and neglecting their promises. I forgive their messy priorities, their awkward rule on internet and BlackBerry censorship, and how they never settle the dispute between FPI and the-rest-of-Indonesian-people. Yes, I forgive them. I understand their burden in governing this diverse country, and it’s not their fault for have abandoned Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, UUD 1945 and Pancasila. I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose. They have a lot on their minds, bomb threats are emerging, they can’t go to Bali for a vacation due to enormous garbage on the beach, our state intelligence body (BIN) didn’t find anything on Twitter, and Citibank is being a bad bad boy.

Please don’t take this seriously, people.. This is just me, complaining and making fun of my own misery.. Sorry for not providing any pics or links, I’m too lazy and you can search on Google yourself..

* * *


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