Lesson From The Movies: Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia Movie Poster (2009)

I recently watched Julie & Julia. This movie was based on a true story about Julie Powell, and Julia Child. Julie Powell’s blog on which this movie was all about: “The Julie/Julia Project” is still accessible until today (although no updates was made since 2004). I felt related with Julie Powell in some way, and I think everyone who loves to blog will too.

Here’s why.

Julie Powell (Amy Adams), is a woman in her thirties who felt bored at work, but have a hidden a passion to write. One day (after a friend’s blog called her as “the writer whom books were never published“), she realized that she never accomplish anything in her own life. She never finished anything and never worked hard enough to achieve something.

She took the humiliation as a wake-up call, and decided to write again. With the support of her husband, she made a blog to record her cooking experiments based on Julia Child‘s cook book called “Mastering The Art of French Cooking.” She cooked everyday, and blogged her experience afterward. At first, nobody responded to her posts. But after a while (a couple of months, actually) she began to receive messages from readers who thought her blog was interesting.

After quite some time, her blog gained more popularity and Julie Powell was featured in the New York Times. She received offers from various publishers who were interested in cooperating and creating a book together. All of her hard work, passion for cooking and consistent blog-writing, finally start showing a sign of happy ending (and a couple of pounds as an additional weight gain). Her unique ability to write was quoted in this article, where she wrote “I’m miserable so they can be happy. I’m like the Jesus of extreme cooking. I got fat and very unhappy for their sins.”

Julie Powell has taught us (bloggers, in particular) to keep our passion, to be consistent, to finish whatever it was we have started, and to embrace our creativity each time we’re trying new experiments. For her, the boredom at work can be compensate with cooking at home and put it on blog. All she need was a laptop, an internet connection, and a whole lot of butter.

* * *


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