Men, Women, Marriage, And Equality

Last week, I posted a blog about an overrated version of a Good Wife. From it, I received comments about gender equality. In this modern age, where women have the same opportunity as men, turns out that there are still men who prefer to have a “stay at home” wife. And then someone asked..

“Are we not all created equal? Should we not all have equal rights, duties and expectations, no matter what our gender is?”

From this question, we can see a view saying that it is not fair for women to stop pursuing their dream, to not be able to have a career, just because their husband doesn’t allowed them to. In this particular case, I wouldn’t jump to conclusion that this man is an old-fashioned, close-minded person, without looking at his reasons. He may have a point after all! Such as a condition when he have a stable income that can support his entire family, therefore he needs to have a partner who can manage his house, his children. I personally will accept the offer to stay at home and create my own business, because flexibility has always been my dream.

I too, at first, think of the term “equality in marriage” as a condition where women are allowed to pursue their dream, to work, to have a career, instead of staying home taking care of the house and children. I’m not a feminist, or an expert in psychology, but I believe that housewives can have equal responsibility in marriage because it’s not always about the money or who has the better career. There are other things such as children education, house maintenance, financial issues and management, which are also part of a marital life and sometimes it can even caused a severe head ache. I am a wife, and a mother, and my salary is bigger than my husband’s, but when it comes to finding a solution for our daily problems, both me and my husband are entitled to look for the best options. Just because I made more money, it doesn’t mean that I’m the one who always have the best answer and opinion about everything.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a career woman or a housewife, you must have an equal share of marital responsibilities, you have the right to speak and decide what’s best for you and your family.

In fact, to be honest, if I can just stay at home, I certainly will, because it will lessen my burden and gives me plenty of time to play with my 20 months old son. But at this moment we need all the money we can get, so I am still a bored employee, wasting her time writing blogs during office hours.

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